Exploring the frustrating feeling of being stuck
through images, movements, films and text.

Stuckness aims to reframe how we see the anxiety-inducing, frustrating state commonly known as creative block. It is an attempt; an experiment. What if we could take something difficult and work with it until its form changes. Through renaming the problem and being curious about it, can we feel differently about it? 

We want to emphasise that being stuck is not reflective of the quality of your work or your talent. It is part of the process. Others experience this state too. Through making work - lots of work -  you will understand your Stuckness better, and can improve your relationship with it. It might involve patience, or exercise, or bad television, but there are ways.
Stuckness came to life at University of the Arts London. Practical workshops and frank discussions run by Academic Support help students unpack their inner experience of studying and making, helping them manage these difficult states with skill and care.

The hope for Stuckness is to continue using creative practice to dig deeper into the state of being stuck, working with artists from as many disciplines as possible. We want to build a platform that is showcasing thoughtful work that engages with, or indeed falls victim to, Stuckness. We are all imperfect. We all get stuck. Let’s explore it.

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Creative Director: David McGovern
Academic Lead: Graham Barton
Choreographer: Daisy Smith
Photographer: Mireia Deulofeu
Music: Angus Kemp
Illustrator: Sarahlee Madigan

Rosamund Bullard, Melody Tamiz,
Jamal George-Sharpe, Conor Kerrigan
Adela Rajnovic, Katherine DiLill, Kinari
Toyama, Liz Kirk-Channing, Paola Capuano